About the SASLC Project

Accounts of the origins and aims of SASLC can be found in the various prefaces and forewords to published SASLC volumes. See Paul E. Szarmach, "Foreword," Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture: A Trial Version, eds. Frederick M. Biggs, Thomas D. Hill, and Paul E. Szarmach (Binghamton, NY: CMERS, 1990), pp. vii–xiii; and in the same volume, Thomas D. Hill, "Introduction," pp. xv–xxix; and Frederick M. Biggs, "Guide for Readers," pp. xxxi–xli.

In that Foreword, Szarmach writes, "The Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture (SASLC) is a collaborative project that aims to produce a reference work summarizing current scholarship concerning the knowledge and use of literary sources in Anglo-Saxon England. Departing from J. D. A. Ogilvy's Books Known to the English, 597–1066 and incorporating more recent scholarship, the SASLC volume will include contrinutions from specialists in the various sub-fields of Old English studies."

Professor Szarmach and his fellow editors imagined that "the work of SASLC will exist in multiple forms: codex book, diskette, and loose-leaf binder. The rationale for these different forms is to encourage a continuing process of revision and correction." This website and its related resources hopes to fulfill the editors' desideratum for a medium capable of revision and correction.

Senior or junior scholars interested in contributing are invited to contact one of the editors. (Names to be posted shortly.) Methodological issues and concerns are described by Hill (above); and the process for writing an entry and relevant research tools, by Biggs (above). More recent guides and discussions can be had directly from editors or on this website.

About the SASLC Website

The image of the Fuller Brooch is © Trustees of the British Museum. The SASLC website was created in 2008 by Michael Lynn Norris. It is administered by various people. To offer suggestions or report problems, please email webmaster@saslc.org.