Beginning with the first meeting of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists (ISAS) in August 1983, biennial conferences have been held in Belgium (Brussels and Ghent), Cambridge, Toronto, Durham, New York, Oxford, Stanford, Palermo, Notre Dame, Helsinki, Arizona, Munich, London, St. John's, Madison, Dublin, Glasgow and Honolulu.

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2017 Conference

ISAS 2017: summary of conference and meeting

Statement on the recent U.S. restrictions on travel and immigration, with regards to the ISAS-2017 conference:

In the spirit of our conference global theme, we would like to say, on behalf of both ISAS and the Hawai'i 'ohana (community):  We welcome everyone to ISAS 2017 and our multicultural state with aloha. 

The University of Hawai'i "will not permit intolerance or harassment based on race, religion, immigration status, national origin, gender, LGBTQ+ status or disability" and remains committed   "to serve all members of our community, regardless of citizenship status."  

ISAS is by definition an international organization of scholars, and one dedicated to tolerance, equity, inclusion and respect. As such it remains committed to fostering opportunities for academics of all nations to freely travel, meet and exchange ideas and research, regardless of citizenship or country of origin. 

Given the new U.S. President's recent Executive Order restricting the travel of the citizens of some countries to the U.S., if you have any concerns about travel into the U.S., please contact Karen Jolly (kjolly@hawaii.edu). 

Karen Jolly, President, ISAS
Martin Foys, Executive Director, ISAS 

On behalf of the ISAS Executive Council and Advisory Board

February 1, 2017

2019 Conference

ISAS 2019 will be organised by Tim Graham and Jonathan Davis-Secord at the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque, on the theme of "Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Saxonists and the Southwest," with particular emphasis on manuscript production and the historiographic and scholarly afterlife of Anglo-Saxon southwest England.

2021 Conference

ISAS 2021 will be organised jointly the University of Nottingham and the University of Leicester, on the theme of "Borderlands."