About ISAS.

The International Society of Anglo-Saxonists (ISAS) is an organization open to all persons interested in any aspect of the culture of Anglo-Saxon England. ISAS was formed to provide all scholars interested in the languages, literatures, arts, history, and material culture of Anglo-Saxon England with support in their research and to facilitate an exchange of ideas and materials within and among all disciplines. All of this is accomplished primarily through biennial meetings of the Society during which members present papers and discuss topics of mutual interest.

On 23 August 1983, the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists officially came into being when the proposed Constitution of the new organization was unanimously accepted by the Assembly of Delegates at the first ISAS Conference. Please visit our membership pages for information on how to join.

ISAS also sponsors a number of events, chief of which is a biennial conference. We also sponsor prizes and publications: see the events page for announcements. Our biannual conference was just held at the University of Hawai'i in Honolulu in 2017. In 2019 our meeting will be at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, and in 2021 it will be hosted jointly by the University of Nottingham and the University of Leicester. As information for such meetings is available, it will be posted to our conference pages.

Since 2005, the ISAS Advisory Board awards prizes for various classes of publication in Anglo-Saxon (and Anglo-Latin) studies. In this section of our website, we list information on these prizes, as well as publications available for subscription or purchase through ISAS membership.

We strongly encourage graduate student participation in ISAS, and to that end have reserved a section of our website for information, conference calls, and various other matters of immediate interest to graduate students and early career scholars.

ISAS also maintains an email list for posting of the society's business, announcements, and relevant and recent publications. Please note, you must be a current member of ISAS to be subscribed to the email list.

For 2018-2019, the officers of ISAS are:

President: Tim Graham (Univ. of New Mexico) [2019]
1st. Vice-President: Christina Lee (University of Nottingham) [2019/2021]
2nd. Vice-President: Mary Rambaran-Olm (Independent Scholar) [2021 - renewable]
Executive Director: Robin Norris (Carleton University) [2023]

Advisory Board:

Helen Foxhall-Forbes (Durham University)[2021]
Christine Rauer (St. Andrews University)[2021]
Irina Dumitrescu (University of Bonn) [2021]
Rebecca Stephenson (University College Dublin)[2021]
Damian Fleming (Indiana Univ.-Purdue Univ. Ft. Wayne) [2019]
Johanna Kramer (University of Missouri) [2019]
Carol Neuman de Vegvar (Ohio Wesleyan University) [2019]
Andrew Rabin (University of Louisville) [2019]
Francesca Tinti (University of the Basque Country) [2019]
Simon Keynes (Anglo-Saxon England)
Haruko Momma (Dictionary of Old English)
Stephen Harris (Old English Newsletter)

ISAS publishes an on-line directory of its members, which is searchable and freely available to all members.

The ISAS Constitution is available on-line here.

Reports of the Society's meetings and conferences are published in Anglo-Saxon England and the Old English Newsletter, and, from 2003 on, here on the ISAS web site.