Contribute to the Graduate Student Fund


If you would like to donate to the Graduate Student Fund, you've come to the right place. Follow the directions to the right.

Regular Members: If you are already a dues-paying member of ISAS, you can also contribute to the fund when you renew your membership, which you can do here.

Lifetime or Honorary Members: If you are a lifetime member of ISAS, you can also contribute to the fund via this form. If you are not logged into your ISAS account (which is fine), just fill out the required information fields to proceed with your donation.

If you are logged in to your account, the membership program will automatically access your membership details to record this donation. To log in into your account, follow this link and the instructions there.

Alternatives to the online payment:

A few members outside the U.S. have reported issues using the online payment scheme. If you do encounter any difficulties in effecting payment, please contact the Executive Director (Robin_Norris@carleton.ca) for instructions for alternative payment via check, UK bank transfer, or international SWIFT/IBAN transfer.

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