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The navigation bar to your left allows you access to all areas of the site. Each area has an introductory page, and those pages can be reached from anywhere in The Resources and Events section is divided into Academic and Electronic resources. Academic resources include a list of upcoming events concerning Bede, as well as a list of proposed papers (discontinued, 2004). There is also a section on new scholarship (discontinued, 2004). Electronic resources include precompiled programs, such as a gradebook program, and an HTML primer for academics. The Bibliography contains a general bibliography, which attempts to list all work on Bede, and subsidiary bibliographies, which organize the general bibliography into discrete topics. Links are to sites and nodes. The Introduction contains short essays on Bede, his life, times, and writings--and is always looking for contributors! And the Address Book lists scholars of Bede who have volunteered to be listed. If you would like your name added, please email us from the Address section. Site credits are here.

Updates to this site were discontinued in 2004. The bibliography is current to 1995.